In the last three seasons, Schalke was slightly below expectations and each season ended the season beyond the dream Champions League. A year ago it was tragic because the team led by Markus Weinzierl took only tenth place. Playing such a paddle that I felt sorry for Konigsblauen supporters. But just a bit. After the contract with Salif Sane, Schalke strengthens the defense against the Champions League

Now they have Domenico Tedesco in Gelsenkirchen and although watching his team’s game is as pleasant as pulling a tooth with a hammer. He is still plucked, scores, second in the table and will most likely return from the Champions League to the S04.

Schalke strengthens the defense against the Champions LeagueTherefore, it will have to be strengthened and as the Germans like to do it at cost. Schalke will probably reach for one of the best stoppers of the Bundesliga season namely Salif Sane from Hannover.

The situation is basically simple. The Senegalese defender advised his club that he would leave after the season using the redemption clause in his contract which is 8 million euros for abroad and 11 million euros for the Bundesliga.

Hannover more likely to get this sum of money because they think – the kicker is almost certain that the Sane just move to Schalke. The Borussia Dortmund was still fighting for the stopwatch but the local rival won the race with the BVB team.

He told us that he would leave in the summer.

This is the last chance for him to play in the Champions League at this age. This is his priority.

The representatives of Hannover club president Martin Kind and sports director Horst Heldt spoke who fully understand the decision he made. The 27-year-old plays in H96 from 2013 when for 2 million euros he came from French Nancy.

From that moment on he developed a lot and his transfer was seriously announced in 2016 when the team of Die Roten fell from the Bundesliga. However, the Senegalese remained in the band and the city in which he feels very well after a year’s banishment he returned to the elite and became one of her best actors.

Autumn Sane was brilliant, he was praised from every side and supported his growing interest in him. He is a general defensive H96 and it is hardly surprising that he decided to take the next step in his career. Ensuring his services before the World Cup.

Every such purchase in Gelsenkirchen will be useful. You can not complain too much about their defenses because it is really very solid. At the moment Konigsblauen lost 33 goals in 29 games. The same as the praised defense of the Eintracht Frankfurt. Less only Bayern lost.

There is an excellent Fahrmann in the goal who should definitely get a chance from Joachim Low; the three stopwatches are commanded by General Naldo who has Nastasic and Kehrer or Stambouli to help. The latter two are by far the weakest links in the whole defensive line. So Sane could probably replace one of them possibly take over the heirloom after Naldo’s second youth.

After all, the Brazilian has 35 years on his neck, in September he will be 36. In such cases, you never know when there will be a sudden reduction in form. So buying a Senegalese will be, in my opinion