Jorge Sampaoli is the former coach of Chile and Sevilla cut currently he has been assigned to the coach of South American team Argentina. He is passing very busy time to prepare his team for upcoming FIFA World Cup. He yet to select the complete team squad but he is working on it. He is considering all the players and try to get the top players for his team. Now, he has seen the performance of Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain and it seems Argentine coach happy about Higuain’s performance in recent time being.

The matches against Italy and Spain, Gonzalo Higuain has returned to the national team and the current coach of Argentina has praised him. On the other hand, Carlos Tevez is out of the ground since long and he would join with the team, Sampaoli expected.

Argentine coach happy about Higuains performanceAt the end of the ongoing month, there will be two friendly matches executed where the team squad has released which consists of 22 players. After the last June, it will be the first time of Higuain to get called from the national team. Though, now he is ruled out from the field due to injury. The 30 years old player is playing with his club Juventus now.

To participate with the national team Higuain is facing competition with Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero now. Thought for upcoming two matches this striker has been selected but his club mater Paulo Dybala and the skipper of Inter Milan Mauro Icardi does not get chance. About the Higuain the current boss of Argentina stated that he is a complete player.

He also added that Argentina needs some kind of players where by adding them the team would get chance in the World Cup. Dybala, Gomes and Icardu are undoubtedly great players and all knows that. But also team can consider some alternatives as well. However, through the two matches, no one can secure their place in the main squad for World Cup.

Besides, Sampaoli believes that almost 80 percent of the team for upcoming Russia World Cup 2018 has already selected. But to fill the rest space, it seems pretty hard. He also mentions that for rest friendly matches, with the selected 22 players squad, players from domestic leagues would be included. So, they have to monitor the domestic league competition now. In that case, two players from Boca Juniors names Fernando Gago and Carlos Tevez would get the priority.

About Tevez, Sampaoli stated that Tevez has his own style of playing and considering his recent form and old statistics, he would be considered. Though, they are too close of the World Cup process.