We have known for a long time that Barcelona is looking for a new striker. Bringing such a bet is basically a transfer priority for the “Duma of Catalonia”. It is hardly surprising. The only “ninth” in the club is Luis Suarez. Uruguay is still, of course, the absolute world top when it comes to attackers, but it also has its years. He did not play forever and he is definitely closer to the end than he is. Barcelona must try to get a suitable successor who can still play alongside Suarez to see this and that from him. The Catalans have a specific plan to bring it back and are willing to spend really big money. Who is to cost so much?

I know that you are expecting Luka Jovic here who is also taken into account but in this particular case, it is Marcus Rashford. “Mundo Deportivo” reminds us of Barcelona’s efforts regarding this boy, and “Daily Mirror” adds its two pennies claiming that “Blaugrana” is prepared for an expense of over 100 million pounds. Let me remind you that the most expensive player in the history of Barcelona is Philippe Coutinho, which cost 115 bubbles. There is a certain probability that soon Rashford will hold this record.

Barcelona willing to spend over 100 million on its goal

First, however, the Catalans must convince somehow himself and Manchester United. In both cases, it will not be easy. “Red Devils” is one of the richest clubs in the world and if anyone is to reject offers over 100 million, it is them. It will not be a shame to lose that money if they stop their star thanks to it. In addition, the player may not agree to the transfer.

As if representing the colors of Barcelona should be his childhood dream, but he is finally a foster Manchester United, in which there are huge hopes, in principle the largest for years. Besides, he finally found a form alongside his current manager, so he probably will not want to part with him, not sure that he will achieve comparable progress at Camp Nou.