Barcelona’s biggest staffing problem is undoubtedly the defence. The Catalans everywhere can boast of decent depth and quality, but not here. now we discuss Barcelona’s crazy idea for a stopwatch.

The first line-up, let’s say it’s strong enough for a band like that. We have Gerard Pique and Samuel Umtiti there. Both men have better days and worse days but in the end, they are doing so well that Blaugrana in the league has not lost yet.

However, when we remove them, the problem starts. There is a porcelain Vermaelen which has an unstable form because it rarely plays because health does not let him do it more often.

Barcelona's crazy idea for a stopwatchIn addition to him, there is also Yerry Mina which was brought with great hopes and for now we have stopped because the Colombian does not quite manage the football realities at this level.

This means that the Catalans must necessarily look for another stopwatch. There are several proposals. Probably the most was said about Matthijs de Light but the young Dutchman will probably be eventually tempted by an English club.

It was also mentioned by Dayot’cie Upamecano but the young Frenchman is very chimerical and the uncertain player is the last thing that Barcelona needs now.

On the horizon, a new option appeared probably the most interesting and the craziest. As reported by, Barcelona would bring Marcos Alonso and set him as a stopwatch.

This is one of the ridiculous things I’ve read lately. The Spaniard is a typical shuttle, he shoots a lot of goals and often greets under the goal of the opponent.

Its natural environment is the wing, not the defence. Switching Alonso to the defensive centre would be breakneck.

Not only was it a very long process even Ramos took a lot of it and he was not so offensive, it just could not go wrong.

In addition, I do not know where the Duma of Catalonia saw any indication that the Spaniard would do it. It’s ridiculous.

The application is one. Someone is drunk or not full of reason, quoting a classic meme. This person is either in the editorial site of and invents such news about science-fiction or in Barcelona and has already been mad at all those central defenders, which is why she decided to come up with such an unconventional reinforcement.

Either way, it should not have a reason to exist and it should only bother our head when we want to have a good laugh.