It’s hard not to agree that Chelsea is not going well. In the first part of the season, it seemed that The Blues would bravely win their place in the Champions League or even beat Manchester United in the fight for runners-up because nobody had a driveway from the very beginning to the Citizens. So, Chelsea Owner Roman Abramowicz wants a young coach.

The Londoners were brutally verified by 2018 which turned out to be dramatic for them. The Blues lost points as students returning their wallets from the Friday event. So it’s no wonder that Antonio Conte’s position has become the least certain in the entire Premier League.

Chelsea Owner Roman Abramowicz wants a young coachIn fact, we may be more surprised that Italy is still sitting on its stool. Everything indicates that Conte will only be paused for a few weeks and after the season he will say goodbye to his team.

The Telegraph claims that the Russian does not intend to invest money in an older and experienced trainer but wants to give a chance to someone younger with a more interesting and fresher vision of the game.

The source speaks about coaches such as Eusebio Di Francesco, Julian Nagelsmann or the Premier League-starred David Wagner, Eddie Howe or Sean Dyche.

This information can be put under a big question mark. In the end, Abramowicz has been focusing on proven and experienced managers who have already made a name for themselves.

When he took care of someone young the last time he drove a lot. I’m talking here Andre Villasu – Boasu. In addition, the Portuguese had already won the Europa League and from the above five in principle, only Di Francesco licked anything big balls.

The others are very perspective but they did not have to do with the ball on this level which could lose them and it does not seem that the Russian gave them a big margin of error.