Manchester City is on the way to reclaim the throne of Premier League this season. But in the meantime, they have also participated in different league tournament named FA Cup, League Cup and Champions league, In everywhere they are in good position.According to the latest news, Man City won League Cup by defeating Arsenal. Through,
the victory, they have reclaimed their throne in League Cup.

Manchester City Vs Arsenal League Cup final World PlayerSo, it seems that to the team of Arsene Wenger, to win a title of League Cup remain untouched. His team Arsenal was defeated by Manchester City in last week. However, in last Sunday at Wembley Stadium where the final of League Cup was taken place, Man City won by 3 – 0 goals. Sergio Aguero scored the first goal and took his team ahead of
the game. Later, in second half Kompany and David Silva scored one goal each and so the team of Pep Guardiola won by 3 – 0 goal difference.

Pep Guardiola took control of Man City in last 2016 and since then it is the first title of Man City under his guidance. After Premier League and FA Cup, the 3rd most popular tournament in England is League Cup where it is the 5th title of man City in the tournament. Among them, three titles are won within last five seasons.
The Gunners which team is the two times champion of the tournament. According to Arsenal live stream free page, they got the first chance in the match at the 8th minutes of the game. But the shot of Aubameyang which was taken from six yards into the box was stopped by Arsenal goalkeeper Bravo. Just a minute later, Aguero missed a chance
for Man City.

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In 18th minutes of the game, the striker of Argentina national team Aguero led the team Man City ahead. Chilean goalkeeper Bravo took long shot which was taken control by Aguero and went to the opponent box. With his right leg he took the shot and found the net. In the ongoing season, it was his 30th goals so far. So, first half finished with 1 – 0

In 58th minutes of the game, Kompany increased the difference double. Kevin De Bruyne took a corner. Through that into the box with the assist of German midfielder Gundogan, Belgian Kompany touched the ball  with his leg and got the 2nd goal of thematch. After last May, 2017 it was his first goal. Just after seven minutes, David Silva
once again increased the goal difference.

In 1992/93 season, Arsenal got the title here but till now they are sixth times runner up.Besides, with the manager Wenger, it was the 3rd time of Arsenal that they left the final
with empty hand.