When Ivan Rakitic was still a teenager went to Schalke Gelsenkirchen nobody expected him to end up as he finished. Of course, he was brought with a lot of hopes for those times and money. Hardly anyone paid so much for a boy before the age of twenty. now we discuss the recent topic of her career – Ivan Rakitic will leave Camp Nou?

A few years later he was handed over to Seville for a song and the Croat resurrected there. Suddenly he remembered that somewhere there is his dormant talent and he decided that it would finally wake him up. This lured the great city of Barcelona which also did not pay for it a sum of money.

Ivan Rakitic will leave Camp NouSince that time, Rakitic has done a great job in the colours of the Catalan Duma. As it turns out these times may slowly come to an end. For a thirty-year-old, he is preparing a turn in his career according to British media.

The Express reports that Jose Mourinho was interested in the Croatian services. The Portuguese must reckon with the fact that he will have to pay much more for Rakiticia than his time to Barcelona Sevilla.

Despite his age, the Croat is still an outstanding helper. Transfermarkt is valuing it at 50 million euros and it seems that it is a very rational amount.

Blaugrana will not want to give him for less, because Rakitic signed a four-year contract with her last summer.  Therefore, there is no complete basis to sell your helper at cost.

However, there is one key question that should be asked in the context of this possible transfer. Is it too late for Rakitic to go to a league whose realities, he does not know completely? It is completely different to face week in a week with Premier League teams than meet them once every dozen weeks in European competitions.

Croatian will be such a boost which will be expected outstanding performance immediately and he does not have to be able to meet these requirements.

Of course, a completely different pair of wellies is the reliability of the source and the credibility of the rumour. It is not completely ridiculous but it should not be taken for granted.

In the end, the British like to make noise around their bands when it really should not be. See Lewandowski for Chelsea.