Real Madrid was really close to winning Eden Hazard. The media stammered about it, and although no one officially assured us, we were almost convinced that the Belgian will play next year’s “Royal” colors. However, the matter was complicated by club friend Hazard, but rather by the case he revealed. Andreas Christensen gave a controversial interview, in which he confessed that not only him, but every footballer “The Blues” was informed that if the transfer ban was upheld, they could say goodbye to the change of the club. The Dane tried very hard to leave, but it was nothing compared to Hazard, who had been preparing his transfer for months. If it turns out that he will actually have to stay in London, then what then? Belgian will probably go a long way, but Real not really.

This is how you can call it Raheem Sterling. Chris Sutton, speaking for the Daily Mail, says that it is the Englishman who will become a priority if the purchase of Hazard actually turns out to be impossible. This choice is quite obvious because Manchester City winger presents itself phenomenally this season and is the favorite to receive the award for the best footballer of the season in the Premier League. It may even turn out that it will prove to be a greater gain from Hazard unless of course, it happens because first, you will have to kill a bit to bring it back.

Real has an alternative if Chelsea is stubbornPep Guardiola will not let him out of his hands easily and he will have to receive a gigantic payment. It was said that Gambling would cost around 100 million pounds, and considering the form of Sterling, it certainly will not be cheaper, and it is possible that “Citizens” will try to raise its price. 

Besides, Sadio Mane remains. Do many other sources believe that Senegalese is also a serious candidate to strengthen the Santiago Bernabeu team? So who is the emergency plan really? Or maybe Real brings both? Where did the money come from?