The upcoming Champions League final is knocking at the door. It will execute in next day at Kiev in Ukraine. Before that, in a press conference, the coach of Real Madrid Zidane stated that his team Real Madrid is not favorite in Champions League final or at least cannot be called a favorite in the dressing room.

After Bayern Munich, as the first team Real Madrid is going to win the Champions league title consecutive three times and their main obstacle is Liverpool. But still, there is a gap between them. So, Zidane does not want to take his team as favorite.

Zidan PC Real Madrid is not favorite in Champions League finalSince 1974 to 1976 in European Cup, Bayern Munich won the title consecutive three times. And in the upcoming night at Kiev, the final of Champions League will be executed and if Real Madrid will able to beat Liverpool, in the latest version of Champions League they will write the history of being UCL champion for consecutive three times.

Liverpool is waiting for the 6th Champions League title and so, Real Madrid does not want to take them so lightly. So, the French coach does not keep his team ahead so far.

Zidane believes that Real Madrid has a chance as well as Liverpool has the same chance. So, which team is favorite, Real dies not believe that in the dressing room.

real madThe top star of Real, Cristiano Ronaldo has a chance to win Champions League five times in his professional career. But often he is compared with Mohamed Salah in upcoming final. In that fact, CR7 believes that both of them are completely different.

They have nothing in common but only the scoring capability. Both of them scored 44 goals each in all competitions of the ongoing season and so, thinking by many that upcoming final at Kiev would be a battle between Salah and CR7. But, CR7 stated that he is different than Salah and they are not comparable.

On the other hand, Salah also does not want to see the upcoming match as the battle between him and Ronaldo. The match will not be an individual fight but it will be a team fight and all will try to give their best on the ground.

With the own team, both Salah and Ronaldo have done great in the season. In the upcoming final, both of them can play a vital role as well. So, both of them will be focused in final no doubt.

But the 25 years old Egyptian forward believes that all 22 players will be focused in the game. The best player in Premier League also added that it is a final and it will be fought between two clubs.