5 talking point Real Madrid vs Eibar La Liga Match Result 2-1 . Real Madrid started the new La Liga season very poorly and they failed to dominate this time though they are the current title holder in La Liga. But in the ongoing season, they would miss the title. Since couple of match in La Liga and Champions League, it seems that Real Madrid has got their previous form back along with CR7.

Basically, Cristiano Ronaldo can not shine himself properly in the season but at the ending moment, he has found himself. He started to make goals in every match. As per the performance, Real Madrid beat Eibar in La Liga in their last head to head battle.

Real Madrid vs Eibar La Liga 2018 Match 2 1The Portuguese star Ronaldo has showed brilliant performance once again and so, through his pair of goals, Real Madrid won against Eibar. In last Saturday at the opponent’s home venue, the team of Zidane won by 2 – 1 goals.

At the beginning Real Madrid had to fight to get the ball. But they did not take much time to reclaim the form. In 33rd minutes of the game, Real Madrid could went ahead but Wales striker Gareth Bale took shot which was stopped by the Eibar goalkeeper and in return ball, Ronaldo made another shot. It was stopped by a defender.

Just a minute later, the opponent team took a wrong step and so, the guest team took the chance and Ronaldo made his first goal. So, they took lead of the match since then. Spanish defender Arbilla passed to the wrong person and the ball went to Luca Modric. From the left side he made a cross to Portuguese forward.

He received the ball with the chest and with low shot, he found the net for the first time in the match. In 42nd minutes the difference could double. Just outside from the box, Ronaldo took a shot which was stopped with one hand by the Serbian goalkeeper Dmitrovic. So, first half finished with 1 – 0 goal.

Like the beginning of the first half, at the beginning of the second half Eibar started the match orderly. In 50th minutes of the game, they scored one goal. They dodged Sergio Ramos and through the head which came from the corner, Spanish defender Ramis found the net.

In 52nd minutes of the game, the Eibar stopper made Cristiano disappointed once again. Bale made an amazing pass but Portuguese captain took a shot but Serbian goalkeeper was the savior.

In 84th minutes of the game, CR7 scored his second goal in the match. This time also the local team made a remarkable mistake. Then from the right side Daniel Carvajal made a shot and with strong head Ronaldo scored the goal.

With all competition, Ronaldo scored total 13 goals in last seven matches and in the ongoing season of La Liga, it was his 18th goal.