Lionel Messi is a name of a great forward who is currently Argentine captain and top player of Barcelona. He is often considered as the best footballer of all time. Messi is currently praised by Spanish midfielder Koke. According
to Koke, To stop messi is almost impossible.

This Spanish midfielder is going to play against Argentina which will be a international friendly match and before the match Koke made the statement that Lionel Messi could not be easily stopped. This five times Ballon d’Or
winner has a great skill which is almost unstoppable.

To stop Messi is almost impossibleAt Wanda Metropolitano which is located at Spain, in upcoming Tuesday at night, the local team Spain is going to play against the team of Jorge Sampaoli. In last Friday at the Manchester the same Argentine team played
against Italy where they beat Italy by 2 – 0 goals.

In the match due to the hamstring injury the top player Lionel Messi was not grounded. But everyone is hopeful that this legend playmaker will play the upcoming international friendly match against Spain. It will be their last
friendly match before the main event of World Cup 2018.

Koke is currently 26 years old and playing for the Spanish club Atletico Madrid. So, in club football he has lot of experience to face this Argentine great. From the experiences this Atletico Madrid midfielder accepted that to
challenge Messi would be a mistake and in front of him the opponent usually has nothing to do.

In Spanish news portal Marca Koke stated that to him Lionel Messi is the best player and when someone against him at the ground must hope that Messi should not get his best day in the match.

To stop Messi is very tough and players should cover many space in the ground and also he should assist in the defense as well. Besides, he has to hope that the day should not be Messi. When a player see that Messi is
going to attack on thire territory. However he sees and prepares himself to face Messi but however, Messi does it anyway. Suddenly Messi invents something and it seems that to stop him is almost impossible.

Against Italy at the 2nd half Banega and Lanzini scored one goal each and so, Argentina got a victory over Italy but though the attacking division of Argentina was not eye catchy. The team is very much dependable on Messi
which is expressed by many.

So, they are criticized as well. However, Koke used to see this as usual. He stated that Barcelona and national team all the times players used to look at him. Because he is the boss of scoring goals, passing and define the result of
the match. So with him in the team squad players used to depend on him no doubt.