Who does not love Zlatan? This man is a phenomenon. In any other case, a guy with such a big ego would be hated by the majority and loved only by the part that is inspired by him. Meanwhile, the Swede adores everyone. We are waiting for his next texts filled with self-worship.Today we would like to talk about Sweden coach took the floor regarding the appointment of Zlatan to the World Cup.

It was possible to predict that his transfer to the very media MLS only intensified his behaviour. In Europe, it was necessary to tone them a bit because at the end of the Old Continent the sports aspect was what counted the most and not there.

Sweden coach took the floor regarding the appointment of Zlatan to the World CupFrom the very beginning in Los Angeles, Zlatan began to talk a lot, loud and controversial. One of the issues he touched was his performance at the World Championships in Russia.

The Swede spoke several times on the subject and every time he gave us to understand even more that he would come to this tournament. He claimed that if he wanted to go, he would finally decide. If he feels such a whim, he will play.

Recently in the Jimmy Kimmel program, he stated that the World Championships without him will not be the same and he can promise that he will appear on them. At that moment his faithful fans could already be on the peak but the leaders along with the Swede were soon enjoying the atmosphere.

Kimmel asked if Zlatan would have soles on the soles at this time or rather wear normal shoes. Ibra said he cannot reveal anything more.

There is nothing to be said about it, no confirmation, in the case of Zlatan it is an obvious contradiction. Even he does not have the power to call himself that’s why he will not play in the Three Crown T-shirt anymore. His presence in Russia will be purely marketing.

If you still expect that Ibra did not confirm anything because he wants to surprise us the issue was clarified in the interview with (Fotbollskanalen.se) Swede selector. Janne Anderson made it clear that Zlatan after Euro 2016 announced a departure from the team and he will respect this decision.

He intends to take into account neither him nor any other players who have already separated from the team. The Swedes will play without him as a collective and I am sure that they will do it for good.