Tottenham suddenly realized that he could make transfers and after this year’s objection, he would most gladly change the whole composition. In total, they are not surprised, they are finally so excited. However, you should stay in check, sometimes not to buy too many players who will only block the development of those who are already in the squad and deserve the game. However, when it comes to the cast of the goal, they do not have to worry about it.

Hugo Lloris is a good goalkeeper, but for the last year he has had a lot of regress and it can be seen with the naked eye. The Frenchman is not only weaker physically and less lithe, but also more distracted. Perhaps it was influenced by the scandal of driving under the influence of alcohol. However, it does not matter to anyone in Tottenham, because only the form and its impact on results counts, and this are what is bad lately.

What? Italian media report that “Spurs” became interested in Thomas Strakoshą. The Albanian is currently the primary goalkeeper of Lazio and he has worked long to be in this place because he started from the role of a deep reserve. At this moment, it is the undisputed number one.

Tottenham thinks about replacing Lloris In current games, he stood between the posts in thirty-four games, and in nine of them, he did not let in any of the goals. These statistics are not impressive and you can define his skills exactly the same. Strakosha is just a decent keeper, but I do not think he can match Hugo Lloris, even one without form

There are a lot more goalkeepers in Europe, who will also not spend some fairytale sums, and they will be a better option. Besides, if you already have ambitions to become the England champion and the team that will finally start seriously count in the Champions League, you have to look at the really promising pigeon player. Such Andre Onana would fit like a glove, the more that he is from Ajax, and “Roosters” like to power their squad with “Joden” players. It’s time to refresh your contacts.