The semi-finals of the Champions League were to start with a clash. Although it was announced to be worse, did not have to be that way. It’s not a meeting of favourites but teams that probably deserve this stage the most. Both of them were able to beat the above-listed rivals which are why this battle promised to be great. Now we have a result in UCL semi final Liverpool with a brilliant turn of action.

A few hours ago questions, Did Liverpool start just as well as Manchester City? Perhaps Romie lacked happiness as in the first match against Barcelona? Who was simply better? Let’s find out.

The match started calmly, in the first minutes the most interesting event was the failure of the referee line. However, the match quickly took over the show mainly due to Liverpool.

UCL semi final match Liverpool with a brilliant turn of action

Roma attacked sporadically and very schematically throwing the ball on Dżeko. The Reds created situations in all sorts of ways. Sam Mane had three, one of which ended with a goal but the referee raised an efficient flag.

No salary was offered by Salah to his ex-colleagues. The Egyptian was first defeated by Alisson but then from a similar position.  He was already firing into the window.

Janusz Jojko would not have saved that. Just before the break, the Liverpoolers had a very simple counter. Salah took the ball to Firmino, he pulled it a little and played the street to the first one who cut the ball over the intervening Alisson and scored the next goal.

It is surprising that Roma was surprised by such an obvious play. Firmino had no other options to play. If Roma wants to save their nerves and give them a chance in Rome they have to go out with a different attitude in the second half. If they fail, Liverpool will run over them.

The first half of the second half did not indicate it. Roma got even more defensive which resulted in three Liverpool goals.

Two of them were assisted by Salah who did what he wanted with the Giallorossian defenders and yet no one came up to double him. Mane and Firmino drove the ball into the goal from the closest distance. You could get the impression that we are watching Manchester City.

We had a 5-0 result and many forecasters to believe that The Reds will score more and the match will end with a record result. Then something woke up in Roma. Nainggolan served Dzeko with the perfect ball. Bosniak took her on a cage and packed it into the net from close range.

A moment later the Belgian shot from a distance and Milner was playing in the goalie. Judge dictated the criminal charge, which Perotti used with stoic calm.

I know it is cheap and simple text but this match really was like a roller coaster. The only one that made the Liverpool people sick though they had a great time.

The Reds already had this two-handed hand in hand if they were going to Rome with a score of 5-0, no one would have dreamed of promotion, even bearing in mind the heroic return against Barcelona.

Meanwhile, the situation is very similar, we can say that even slightly more advantageous because the Romans scored more goals away.

Klopp’s men were haunted by the demons of the past who even took their victory against Seville this season. If we had to deal with a different team than Roma, we could say that Liverpool is one leg in the final.